Celebrating Families and Service with Children's Miracle Network.

This post is in partnership with Children’s Miracle Network and Mode Media. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you for helping to support causes and brands that make this blog happen.

Over the years, I’ve had several opportunities to see just how big an impact volunteering and partnering with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) can make. The Miss America Organization is a proud supporter of CMN and their network hospitals. A great partnership that helps bring awareness to their work.

I was first introduced to Children’s Miracle Network through the Miss America Organization. Each local contestant is encouraged to help raise funds and bring awareness for CMN as part of their local pageant. During the state pageant, they get the chance to tour a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to see firsthand how big of an impact their efforts have made. They get a chance to meet the children and families who are there. These are not just dollars that are being raised but truly families and children being made whole through having the best medical care available to them.

Children’s Miracle Network raises funds and awareness for 170 children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Your donations stay local and get used however the hospital needs them most. Families are able to get medical care for their children when they need to at any CMN hospital. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in the U.S. provide more than $3.5 billion in charitable care every single year.

Besides donating directly, you can also donate in a variety of fun ways, including National Pancake Day at IHOP and Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen each year. I had the great privilege to attend several National Pancake Days at our local IHOP when we lived in Minnesota. I was a part of a local pageant, Miss Twin Cities, and our local title holders and Miss Minnesota helped participate in this day by greeting families, seating people, taking donations and even flipping pancakes!

Your donations also go to help purchase life-saving equipment, conduct research and pay for special things that make a children’s hospital so crucial. Some ways you can help are donating every time you see the CMN logo at various retailers (Dairy Queen, IHOP, etc.) or volunteering for a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Put your money where the miracles are. Support your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Podcasts I'm Listening To | Part 3

Welcome back to another edition of 'podcasts I'm listening to.'

I love hearing what other's are listening to and find the best podcasts from hearing what other's are listening to. So here's four more that I've been enjoying a lot lately. 

1. Hope Writer's Podcast: If you're a writer or aspiring to be one this podcast is for you! Filled with really great nuggets and insight into the world of writing from successful authors Emily P. Freeman & The Nester! 

2. At Home06: 6 different ladies host this podcast and talk about views on family, faith, homeschooling and more. A great one to check out, and love the idea of hearing from six different walks of life. 

3. Tell Her Story Podcast: Brand new, check out episode one here from one of my fave shop owners Permission Prints. 

4. Story Cast: I just love a platform that gives women a chance to hear their voice. I think you'll love it too. Start with #5 Jamie Ivey, you'll thank me later! 

READ | Wild and Free by Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan

This book released last week, have you grabbed your copy yet? 

I wanted to share with you a few thoughts on this book, I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy and read it before it hit shelves. First let's chat about the tag line of this book;

"A hope-fllled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough."

If that doesn't grab your attention, I don't know what will. Because between me and you I have felt at times in my life that I was both too much and never enough. So I can relate and believe that you can too.  

It's been a long time since I picked up a book an scribbled through a book, underlining an devouring every word on the page. 

I did that with this book. Here's why;

Wild and Free is not a book that goes through a bullet point list about how to be wild and free. Instead it's a book that talks about exactly who God is, and that his promises are good and for you and for me. Through this we are wild. We are free. When we begin to realize and stand on exactly who God is, and when we see that truth in our lives this makes us free.

I appreciate how both Hayley & Jess walk through their stories and pull out bits and parts and share with us through them God's grace, love and peace. 

If you're looking for a book to read on your next vacation or during nap time, I highly encourage you to pick up this one. I know you'll be blessed by reading it. 

And may you always feel enough and never to much.

Because you are already enough for God. 

And never to much in his eyes. 

Au Natural Collection by Younique

I recently ordered this collection from Younique. It's such a great collection, you get the entire skin care line, plus a lip bon bon and it's all pulled together in our exclusive collection bag! One of the things that I love about all these products are the sleek and beautiful packaging. Everything is packaged really nicely and looks really fancy. So pretty sitting on my vanity. 

This collection comes with Glorious Face & Eye primer, Divine Daily Moisturizer, Illuminate Face Wash (Clear or Clean), Refreshed Rose Water Toner, Lip Bon Bon (flavor of your choosing) and the collection bag.

Grab this collection for $200 here, or host a party and get it for half off! If you have any questions I'd love to help use the contact form above! 

M A Y Goals.

Why is is already MAY people?!!?

My daughter has less than 25 days of school and then Summer! I can hardly believe it. April was a busy but fun month for myself and my family. So here's how April shaped up to be; we planned and booked our family vacation this year with the kids. Having that done and already planned well before it happens is the best feeling. 

I finished 1 new book. I've really been trying to read at least two books each month, but this past month I was only able to read one. 

We paid off two HUGE debts! That's such a good feeling to have those taken care of. God is teaching me in a season of providing and I'm seeing him provide for us in such a new and unexpected way. It's growing my faith for sure. 

MAY goals; 

- Buy furniture for guest room: I've been saving since the end of last year for furniture for this space. Now I'm finally ready to purchase some pieces and have this room put together. 

- Read two new books: I'm currently reading 'Looking for Lovely' and '5 Habits of a Women Who Doesn't Quit." Can't wait to tell you more about these books.

- Pay off 1 medical debt: We still have a lot of debt left over from the end of last year and my whole family being sick. It feels great to be chipping away at this. 

- Reach Pink Status with Younique: I had it on my mind to hit this last month, and didn't quite reach it. This month I'd really like to focus on small goals to meet this really big goal. 

School is ending this month for my daughter. We have a family reunion coming up at the end of the month, and a family vacation. I'm seriously looking forward to so much this month! 

What are some of your goals this month? Share them with me in the comments below. 

Sprucing Up My Home Office with Shutterfly.

We've been in our new home almost a year, and we've been slowly getting it all together. It takes time to make a home, pick the right pieces and get it the way you want it. One are that I've been excited to put together is my home office. 

This space has to function in two ways; one as a home office and two a guest room when we have family come stay with us. I wanted to find some key, fun pieces that would make this space a place I really loved to be. 

I partnered with Shutterfly on this project. All the items I'm going to show you today I've made designs that you can download for free and make at home using Shutterfly as well. All of the designs are sized to fit the products intended in this post. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun making them. 

In my office we'll have a couch that folds into a bed, I wanted to make some fun pillows for this area. I love these pillows, on one side I made them black and white striped. And the other I put the phrase "but first coffee" and the other and ampersand. Choose the 18x18 size of the "upload your own design."

Download these designs here:

- but first coffee

- hot pink ampersand

What office would be complete without pictures of your kiddos? I loved Shutterfly's acrylic photo blocks. I love the simple sleek style of them. I also created this glittery photo canvas using an image from Shutterfly's art library. I love this glittery print, and I plan on not only using it as a functional decor item but for a photo backdrop. 

I love making notebooks using Shutterfly. This phrase seemed appropriate during those mornings when I roll into my office. A little subtle motivation. Make your own notebook using this image. Choose the "upload your own image" here and upload the design. 

Again I used the art library to create the pink eiffel tower acrylic block. Shutterfly's candles are the best too. I made some at Christmas time for family and knew one would be perfect in my office. I love that you can make them in different scents and you can add a picture to personalize them. I made this one in simple black and white with my monogram. 

If you know anything about me by now, you know coffee mugs are my thing. So what office would be complete without a new coffee mug?! This one seemed fitting with #momjuice. Get yours using this image. Simply upload it to Shutterfly's site and choose "upload your own design" and the 11oz. mug option. 

Did you know that you can make blankets with Shutterfly? I choose a simple fleece blanket to place on our guest room couch. I designed this one with the phrase "let's stay home." A simple ode to my husband who loves to be home. The fleece is super soft and comfy. Download the image here for the blanket. 

Lastly this phrase has been a motto for me the last year. Love people well is an anthem I want to remember forever. It's how Jesus wants us to live, he calls us to love people and figure out how to love them well. Every time I look at this mug I'll remember that. Download the image here and make this mug for your home too! Choose the 15 oz. option and the "upload your own design."

Thank you for letting me share all these amazing products with you today. I'm so excited how these turned out for my office. Let me know if you make any of these products, I'd love to see them! Tag me in your photos @andreamworley. 


Essential Oil Storage

Happy Monday friends! I wanted to share with you my new storage solution for my essential oils! It's so pretty now and functional! 

Here's the before. A giant mess of everything in the cabinet. I knew I wanted to find a better solution for them, here's what I did.

All my oils were in these skinny baskets from the Dollar Tree. I had some in my kid's bathroom, some in ours and some in the cabinet in the kitchen. What seemed like a great idea to have oils all over the house quickly turned into chaos as I couldn't ever remember what oils were where. So I knew I wanted a solution to organize them and keep them all in one place. 

I found this acrylic nail polish organizer on Amazon. I looked up the measurements in the listing and it was an exact fit for my cabinet in my kitchen. Sold! I knew this was a great way to store my oils and keep them all in one place in the kitchen. 

I pulled them all out and went through them, this was a good time for me to take stock as well and see what I had and what I need to re order. I then placed them all in alphabetical order, because I'm cool like that. 

Here's what they all look like in my cabinet in my kitchen! I love how it turned out. All in one place, sleek and stylish. If you're looking for a similar solution I suggest this. You can get yours here.

*affiliate links used. 

Podcasts I'm Listening to || Part 2

I'm an avid podcast listener! I listen to them a lot when I'm driving, when I'm running errands and during nap time. So many great shows, I wanted to share a few of my faves I've recently found with you. To see a few more of my favorites click here for the first installment. 

Around the Table || Hosted by two best friends, this podcast is like pulling up a chair with your girl friends. Episodes 27 & 37 are two of my faves. 

Journey to Balance || I met Retha briefly last Fall at the Influence Conference. I've loved following along with her and her podcast. I love that it's intentionally called journey to balance, because aren't we all on that journey? Join her and listen to some inspiring guests, two of my faves were her interviews with Ashley Abramson & Kara-Kae James

Mom Struggling Well || I found this podcast last Fall as well, I've loved being introduced to new and inspiring women through her podcast. Listen to episodes 1, 27 & 30 if you're new. 

She Percolates || I found these gals last Fall when a good friend of mine was on their podcast. I'm loving that they ask each guest what their perspective is on success. I love hearing everyone's different answers. 

What are some podcasts you're currently listening to? Share your faves below.