READ | The Church Planting Wife by Christine Hoover

I'm back to share with you guys another book I've checked off my reading list. Friends, the car line has been so good for my reading game! I get about 45 minutes each day in the car line and I spend it reading. 

My husband and I have been feeling a calling to church planting, and this last year we've been taking the steps toward that. This book was suggested to my by a friend who is a fellow church planter with her husband. 

This book is full of helpful insight from a church planting wife, it's also full of stories from other church planting wives. A lot of the principles  and lessons in this book can really be applied to all types of ministry but it's written from the point of view of church planting. I found this really helpful as we've been navigating this process, and taking each day as a step toward what God has called us to. 

If you're in a similar season I highly suggest picking up this book and reading it. Grab your copy via the link below. 

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Let Us Not Throw Our Prayers Up Like Wishes.

All my important conversations these days with my kids happen in the car. Maybe it's because they are strapped in and can't go anywhere. Maybe it's because they are totally undistracted and have time to think and ask me all the hard stuff. Either way, it's happening. Anyone else with me?

A few weeks ago we were headed to school in the morning and my six year old daughter asked me;

"Mom, do wishes really come true?"

We started talking in the few moments that we had before I pulled into the school parking lot about wishes, when I finally got to the root of why she was asking me about wishes it was because she really wanted something and thought if she "wished" for it that maybe, just maybe that wish would come true and she'd get that toy she wanted. 

When we think about wishes we usually think magical thoughts, something that may or may not come true right? We kinda don't expect them to come true either, right? 

I kept thinking that entire day, how often do I throw my prayers up to God like wishes not even expecting them to come true? How many times do I not really seek the Lord's heart and pray seriously for the things that are on my heart, the things that I desire. 

The Lord challenged me that day; let us not be people who throw up our prayers to God like wishes. Instead let us pray, seek God, search his word for who he would want to fulfill our prayers. 

I know to often I take the spiritual discipline of prayer for granted. I know God is always there, but yet I often forget to take those cares to him. Often times I forget that God is in the business of answering those prayers, but I forget to ask. 

Matthew 7:7 tell us to Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and it will be given unto you. 

Today I am challenging myself and you to remember that truth today. To apply it. One practical way we can make our prayers more real is to write them down, keep a prayer journal. It doesn't have to be fancy but writing them down helps. Seeing how God has answered the prayers you've been praying is a powerful reminder of his faithfulness in your life. 


S E P T E M B E R Goals.

Hello friends! We're in September already which is sorta crazy. August seemed to fly by me. With kids starting school, starting a new routine, some un expected house projects came up it's just led us all the way to the end and now we're already 7 days into the month!! 

I've got a lot on my mind this month. I'm preparing for a busy Fall scheduled for our family and I'm excited about it all. But it's forced me to be a little more detailed with my goals this month. So I'll be formatting them into different categories to help me keep it all straight. Let's get to it! 

September 2016 Goals:


  • $1000 PRs
  • Hit Pink Status
  • Add 1 new member to my team
  • host 3 parites
  • 35 orders


  • paint the kid's bathroom
  • work on our personal budget and start planning for Christmas


  • 2-3 posts/week
  • record new videos for the blog
  • sell remaining print shop stock (looking for some great prints? help me get rid of them)
  • send out newsletter


  • read 2 new books (the car line is great for my reading!)
  • work out 5 days/week (so far off to a great start!)
  • practice clean eating habits
  • 2 dates with Orion this month
  • take my kiddos out for individual dates with me

I'm excited for this month, the craziness of school starting is behind us and I'm looking forward to this Fall and all that we've got planned with our family. Which includes a lot of traveling and celebrating some birthdays. I've been so excited to have a regular routine again. And with both my kids in school for some of the days it's been an adjustment, but I've also gotten to have some time to do some things that are really fun like start a bible study with friends and get more work done during the day while they are at school. 

What are some of your September goals? Share them with me in the comments below. 

Mini Berry Trifle Push Pops!

For the 4th of July BBQ we hosted I wanted to make a fun but simple dessert for everyone. I've had these push up pop containers that I've used from time to time and decided they'd be perfect and fun to make a mini version of a trifle dessert. 

I like things to be easy and simple. This could not be more simple to make. Here's what you'll need:

- Berries (I choose blueberries & strawberries to go with a color theme for the 4th)

- Whipped Cream

- Angel food cake or pound cake

Cut your cake into small cubes, cube your strawberries as well. You'll want them small enough to fit in the container but big enough so you can see the color. 

Assemble them by putting some cake at the bottom, berries, whipped cream, then repeat till the containers are full. You may need to push the cake down a bit to repeat the pattern. 

What do you think? Aren't they so cute and festive!!!?

Buy the push up pop containers here. Also the book 'Push Up Pops' by Courtney Whitmore is a great cook book and source. 

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Day Trip to Sedona

This post is brought to you by FlyJoy, as a FlyJoy Ambassador I get a chance to share with you products I love and enjoy. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog happen. 

My sister in law came to visit us a couple weeks ago and we wanted to do some fun things while she was visiting. We took a morning and made a day trip North to Sedona. If you ever come to Arizona you must make a trip to Sedona just a two hour drive from Phoenix it's the perfect getaway to escape the heat here. 

A must do when visiting Sedona, especially if you've never been is visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross. A tiny chapel sand witched between two giant rocks, with beautiful views of Sedona's surrounding red rocks. 

We spent the day and found a local farmer's market and had lunch before going to shop and walk around downtown Sedona. There's tons of great places to eat and shop there. We picked up ice cream and some treats for the kids. 

One of my road trip must haves especially with kiddos is SNACKS! I love having easy and healthy snacks on hand. And my kids just happen to love FlyJoy bars. My son loves just about every flavor, but my personal faves are the cashew cookie and coconut macaroon. 

I love that our kiddos are up for just about anything and love doing things as a family. It makes time in the car and hiking outside very enjoyable. They were loving all the cacti and even found a lizard friend to watch on the rocks. 

My road trip must haves; 

  • water
  • first aid kit for the car
  • FlyJoy bars 

What are some of your favorites that you pack in the car when you're going on a road trip? If you've been to Sedona tell me in the comments below what your fave things to do there when you visit? 

A U G U S T Goals.

We're officially five days into the month, and I'm about to drop some goals for you. July felt like a blur. It really did. We did some fun things last month, but I didn't accomplish much that I wanted to. My kids head back to school next week and the other one the week after. I'm so ready for routine again, although I have to admit I'm going to miss our slow mornings, no agenda and not setting my alarm clock! 

I didn't end up getting to the house projects I wanted to work on last month, hoping to accomplish some of them this month. 

Let's get to some goals;

1. Read two new books- again this is helping me accomplish my reading 36 books this year which I'm behind a bit on. 

2. Reach Pink Status with Younique- this is one of my business goals for the month. I've been with Younique since March of this year and have some big goals I want to hit by the end of the year. 

3. Send out NEW newsletter for my blog/site- this is something that I've wanted to do for a while and I want to make it a goal to put some content together for my first newsletter. 

4. Work on finishing projects for the kitchen- The main part of our kitchen has been done for a few months now. But there's a few little projects like adding blinds, painting the door and finding some art work that I want to work on finishing this month.

5. Paint half bath- We're working on renovating this space, and first up paint! 

Coffee always helps right?!

What are some of your goals for this new month? I'd love to hear them in the comments below. 

The Vic Bar + Kitchen Restaurant

Looking for a West Valley restaurant with a view? Look no further! The Vic Bar + Kitchen Restaurant is a great spot with an awesome view. We've been here a few times and it's our new fave place to go on date nights and take visitors. 

There's such a pretty view up here, I suggest eating before sunset and eating outside if you can stand the Arizona heat. 

The Chop Salad is my fave! I get this every time we come. And I try different entrees each time. I love the flatbreads as well. Sometimes we split the salad and flatbreads if we don't want a big entree. 

Interested in visiting The Vic Bar + Kitchen?

Location: 5325 N. Verrado Way
Buckeye, AZ 85396

What are some of your fave local restaurant spots? We love adding new places to our "restaurant bucket list." 

Anniversary Getaway at The Saguaro

We recently stayed here to celebrate our anniversary. The Saguaro is a cute little boutique hotel located in Old Town Scottsdale. We've been wanting to stay here for a while now, so with our anniversary last month it was the perfect time to book a stay. 

For local Arizona residents they have a special 'staycation' rate that we took advantage of. We loved the location, close enough and within walking distance to lots of shops and restaurants. 

The property itself is gorgeous. Two swimming pools, spa, gym and restaurant all on property. We love all the vibrant colors of this hotel and the southwest vibe. 

They have beach cruiser bikes on property that guests can check out for the day. We checked them out on Saturday and rode around to the shops and to get lunch. It was such a fun afternoon. 

where we ate:

The Saguaro Restaurant - we only ate breakfast here one meal. 

RA Sushi - we had dinner here Friday night. We loved the sushi and the atmosphere was fun.

The Salty Senorita- we ate dinner here one evening and went during Happy Hour (3-7pm.) I highly suggest the machaca beef, and the tacos off the happy hour menu. The salsa is also very good. We both ate dinner for under $20! 

Shakes & Cones- Organic Ice Cream. We loved all their options and split something since their portions were so big. 

Breakfast Club- We had breakfast here one morning. Great food, huge portions and yummy iced coffee. 

We had such a fun stay! It had been a long time since we had the chance to getaway with out kiddos. Much needed and the best way to celebrate 9 years of marriage!